Paper Machine is a 5000 sq ft printshop in the Lower 9th Ward housing a range of traditional and cutting edge print technologies, to enhance, amplify, and explore New Orleans's rich printing heritage while providing significant opportunities for artists and residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and beyond.

As a project of Antenna, developed with the assistance of Dashboard, the space opened in 2017, housing the organization's printing and publication efforts, studios for print based artists, a huge Rube-Goldberg-style sculptural print machine, and the Artist Book Collection. Paper Machine offers artist-driven exhibitions, programs, and classes exploring the boundaries of print technologies.

The outward presence of Paper Machine was developed by Carl Joe Williams. The printing apparatus that exists as you walk into the building was designed and built by Chris Deris and it prints a series of original icons that represent the city's print history designed by Kiernan Dunn and Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell. Photo here by L. Kasimu Harris.

Visit the space at 6330 Saint Claude Ave, Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm. To print, contact for an appointment.


Producing events, programs, classes, and workshops exploring the boundaries of print technologies

housing a rich resource of artist’s books in all media, editioned and one-of-a-kind, on a variety of subject matter.

Continuing a tradition of books at the intersection of visual and literary arts

Hosting artists and writers developing creative projects and public programs focused in print

Providing access to cutting edge print technology for artist- and writer-driven projects.