From the Collection: Spoiled

Spoiled by Tom Varisco

After Hurricane Katrina hit, many residents returning home within three weeks after the hurricane hit found their homes left without power. As a consequence of the power outage New Orleans resident’s refrigerators were filled with molding and rotten food, causing them to leave refrigerators taped up on the side of the road for removal. Varisco documents the variety of these objects through the camera lens in Spoiled, while also capturing the charm, resilience and attitude of the residents of New Orleans in the wake of the natural disaster. As you turn each page of this pocket-sized book, you find a peculiar fridge, exuding a personality of its own, with the clever words of it’s previous owners sprawled in graffiti across the outside. Spoiled is a book you will not want to miss in the ABC@PM book collection in person, as each page is filled with a vibrant photograph and is presented within a tiny zip lock baggie as if the book itself is forgotten food in the back of a refrigerator. 

Review by Sophia Swanson (ABC@PM Intern)