From the Collection: Skin

by June Yong Lee

The sleek hardcover, wrapped in a muddled grey abstract photograph makes it a hard book to miss in the collection at Paper Machine. The minimalist white type and its contrast against the rest of the cover is originally what intrigued me to pick up South Korean photographer, June Yong Lee’s photo book. Lee takes 360 degree panoramas of different human torsos in this intimate photo series, where the photographer successfully detaches the skin’s association with the body and the individual soul that encompases it. As the viewer turns each page they are exposed to a new and very different body. Each spread contains a different photograph highlighting the variety of the bodies skin tone, nipples, stretch marks, hair, tattoos, dimples and scars. The sleek, smooth paper that makes up each page of Skin creates an eerie feeling invoking your sense of touch. By looking closer at the imperfection on the spread of Skin one can think about the life story of the individual that it covers.