From the Collection: We Are Not Alone: A Collection of Extraterrestrials

We Are Not Alone: A Collection of Extraterrestrials
by Kiernan Dunn

Kiernan Dunn illustrates a variety of pop cultures favorite other worldly beings in her hand made alien fan zine. Each intricate illustration is humorous in its own way, whether it be a full spread of different locations popular for out of this world sightings or characters from TV shows every self proclaimed geek must be a fan of. Kiernan cleverly accompanies several illustrations in We Are Not Alone with prints of the real world counterparts like the 1940’s Illustration of “Life on Uranus” by Frank R. Paul. Art lovers and alien nerds alike will find common ground with this zine. The vibrant green end sheet wrapped in alien heads and the variety of hand-crafted fonts on each page will keep the viewer eager to turn each page.

Review by Sophia Swanson (ABC@PM Intern)