Re-Introduction to Letter-writing with Hope Amico

April 7, 2017 Event, Workshop

Saturday, April 7 at 1 PM – 4 PM

Reinvigorate your interest in letter writing! First we will use the press to print lined paper for writing. Next, using found materials, we will learn to make a simple one-piece stationery that can be folded and mailed without an envelope. You will receive a template that can be followed strictly if you like instructions, or mostly disregarded if you don’t like following rules. The goal is to create stationery that will inspire while offering ourselves a chance to slow down a little in our communications.

This class will take place Saturday April 7th from noon till 3pm at Paper Machine 6330 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans.

All materials are provided. The fee for this class is $50.

For more information and to sign up: