Sewing Rebellion Faux Frau Fiber

April 8, 2017 Event, Free Workshop, Workshop

We want you to Make Do and Mend during this free workshop! The Sewing Rebellion and Faux Frau Fiber (Jeannie Detweiler), in collaboration with ricRACKnola, will offer instruction, materials and equipment for resisting the fast fashion supply chain. Participants are invited to exchange their leisure time for personal production of reusable grocery bags. Participants will learn how to up cycle fabrics and clothing, using piece work to make uniquely personalized reusable grocery bags and other useful things. This workshop is free, however there is limited space so registration is required! Some sewing machine knowledge is suggested but not required.

To register or for more information: (504) 616-0668

Future dates:

April 8th

May 6th

June 3rd

July 1st