Vectors for Pencil People

April 22, 2017 Digital Workshop, Event, Workshop

Sunday, April 22 at 1 PM – 5 PM

In an afternoon we will learn how to transform hand-drawn images into scalable digital vector formats that can be printed at any size or used to cut shapes on a CNC router, laser cutter, or vinyl plotter. We will work with techniques for creating hand-drawn ink lines that scan well on the computer and play with different image tracing algorithms in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll learn about different types of file formats, export options, and color profiles. Our final products will include at least one full color vector image and a repeatable pattern. A laptop with Adobe Illustrator CS6 or later is recommended, a limited number of computers are also available to share at the Paper Machine. This course will be taught in Adobe Illustrator, but many of the concepts are translatable to open source products that are available for free around the web.